You Curate. We Optimize.

This is the ultimate buyer’s tool. Unload the boring tasks that clog your day so you can focus on the job you were hired for.

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You’re Lead Singer. Prelude Is Your Backup Band.

Bask in the spotlight as you test new products, run promotions & brand partnerships, and make menu changes. Prelude runs in the background and makes sure the basics are covered.

The Genius of Freedom

Keep just the right amount of best sellers and phase out the products that don't generate sufficient sales. Genius.

You Retain Control

Submit suggested orders created by Prelude as-is, or modify based on your unique market knowledge.

Improve Brand Relationships

When you confidently buy stock you know will sell, it provides valuable feedback to your brand partners. Better sales also means better cash flow to strengthen these partnerships.

We Take Care Of The Science.
So You Can Focus On The Art.

From rapidly shifting inventory availability, regulation and compliance issues, unique product substitution patterns, and fluid demand, the cannabis industry requires a custom solution.

How it works

Three Easy Steps to Streamline Ordering and Increase Profit

Connect your data

Create and connect your Prelude account in minutes using your Metrc API key.

Prelude goes to work

Prelude cleans and catalogs your data using as little as 3 months of data.

You oversee and approve orders

Prelude suggests optimal orders based on sales and inventory trends. You retain full control.

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