Sell More, Stock Less

Prelude automatically optimizes your orders to keep just the right amount of every product in each store. Give your buyers the superpowers they need to lift sales, reduce order costs, shrink inventory, and create balance sheet magic.

Boost Your Buyers
Time Saved

10 hrs/week

per store
Order Costs Reduced


less spent on orders
Inventory Reduced


less inventory
Revenue Increased


More Sales

Here’s How Prelude Makes Your Business Better

The math behind the magic is complicated, but the outcomes are straightforward. With our platform, the future is Prelude.

Let Customer Demand Drive Your Business

Proprietary machine learning algorithms uncover hidden patterns in your sales and inventory data.

Empower Your Buyers

Make your buyers more effective by letting Prelude take care of complex calculations — while buyers test new products, optimize product mix, and stay on top of industry trends.

Let Your Data Speak

We connect to Metrc and a growing number of POS systems. Prelude unlocks the wisdom trapped in the data you’re already producing to build a smarter, more effective business. 

Sell More at Full Price

Stale inventory is a drag on the balance sheet and leads to unnecessary discounting.

Compete Better

Keep the right amount of product on the shelf at all times.

Built Specifically for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is a unique retail business. Prelude has been built from the ground up to handle all the nuances and build long-term success.

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