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It is our mission to give the entrepreneurs and visionaries of the cannabis industry the tools they need to win.

We come from a deep retail and tech background and have spent years with industry insiders building, refining, and optimizing our product for you.

Data is the foundation of success for the entire industry. Dispensaries are the first and obvious beneficiaries, but upstream brands and producers need clear sales signals as well so they can optimize their business and refine their product mix.

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Meet our team

A team of passionate people that empowers you to do your best work.

From rapidly shifting inventory availability, regulation and compliance issues, unique product substitution patterns, and fluid demand, the cannabis industry requires a custom solution.

Michael E. Murphy
Implemented retail tech across Zara Americas. Co-founded retail tech platform, Radar.
Andrew Copp
Developed data systems at AWS and Hinge. Built iOS app at Hinge and Radar.
Daniel Rodriguez
Software Engineer
Built B2B SaaS platforms in highly regulated industries.
Johnathan Rossitter
Software Engineer
Architected enterprise-scale solutions starting at Microsoft.
Sam Alessi
Operations Manager
Managed operations and compliance across cannabis retail and wholesale in CA, MA and NY.
John Beier
Data Scientist & Engineer
Led speed optimizations at Adobe Photoshop.
Tomash Bukowiecki
Data Scientist & Engineer
Designed AI/ML architecture and pipelines for government, finance, and retail.
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