Fresh Product. Happy Customers.
Healthier Bottom Line.

We make it easy to keep your cannabis dispensary stocked with more of what sells fast —
and less of what doesn’t. 20% more gross profit with 20% less inventory.

Can you afford not to use Prelude?

"Lightyears ahead of anyone else"
Glenn Strandridge
Owner, Green Dragon LA

Inventory Optimization, Optimized for Cannabis

Buy the Right Products

Lift sales up to 10% and reduce payback period

Buy the Right Quantities

Minimize markdowns and increase gross profit 10-20%

Save Time & Money

Reduce inventory levels and associated costs 20-30%

Is Your Profitability Lower Than It Should Be?

From rapidly shifting inventory availability, regulation and compliance issues, unique product substitution patterns, and fluid demand, the cannabis industry requires a custom solution. Here are the problems Prelude helps eliminate:

Too much stock

Keep the right amount of inventory on hand so your gross margins and profitability don't suffer.

Bestsellers sold out

Deep data analysis catches trends to eliminate stock-outs on the hottest products.

Painful manual processes

Make purchasing and insights fast, simple, and automated.

Cannabis Buyers: This Is the Tool You Have Been Waiting For

Let Prelude work to keep the right products in stock so you can work your magic curating the product mix, staying on industry trends, and managing brand relationships.

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“In the hands of the professional buyer, Prelude is an incredibly powerful tool”
Glenn Strandridge
Owner, Green Dragon LA
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How Green Dragon Is
Winning With Prelude

Green Dragon leadership turned to Prelude to make a good business great. In addition to dramatic increases in gross profit and decreases in capital locked up in inventory, management also saves substantial resources on faster ordering and fewer manual errors.

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“Prelude‘s ability to create immediate impact is incredible.
A game-changer.”

Glenn Strandridge
Owner, Green Dragon LA
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